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Canopy - Tyrolean bridge
Tirolesa, Tirolina or Tyrolean bridge
Mendoza / Argentina

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Descripcion of the activitie:

Tyrolean bridge: Also called bridge from Tyrol. It is used to cross gorges,
rivers or precipices.

"Tirolesa" is a bridge of rope or steel cable, very tense. Formerly people were sliding into this bridge using a pulley, and thus to cross from side to side a gorge, a river, an steep valley, or simply to cross from one tree to another, this just in order to be transported.

Currently, the purpose has changed and that modern technologies have revolutionized business and the Tyrolean is now used as a form of entertainment and emotions of people in a very safe and fun.


The mountain guide will explain you about the technical and security. The activity cross the Mendoza River at an altitude of about 10 to 25 meters. by a steel cable, high-strength, with a pulley that will allow it to slip. The equipment and materials are specific for this activities of mountain (helmet, carabiners, harnesses and pulleys pelvic, high strength and tested on an individual basis)


The weather in Mendoza


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