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Rates include:

a-Transport to detailed in each program.
b- If he had accommodation, in different types or similar accommodation, detailed in each program.
c- Meal as indicated.
d- Guides, instructors and coordinators as specified.

Not included:

a- Extras in hotels (drinks, laundry, ironing clothes, telephone, etc).
b- Other services not specified in each program.
c- Lodging in single room or single tent conserning with each program.
d- Insurance. The fee does not cover insurance or medical care. It is mandatory to obtain the same inside or outside the country to cover any eventuality.
e- Costs incurred for abandonment of the program.
f- Rescue.


The operator reserves the right to alter the order of the route to provide better service or due to force majeure and / or replacing trips when / as conditions warrant, replacing the like. It also reserves the right to cancel any of the outputs when the number of people is not enough, the passenger can choose the next exit or the refund of the amount paid does not correspond any other solution.


Reservations for our programs will be considered only by paying in advance without refund a 30% equivalent to the total amount of the reserved services. Only then the reservation will be awarded.


Prepayment is required to carry out any activities.
a) For rides of 2 to 6 days, the advance payment will be the 30% of the remainder through bank deposit, 7 days prior to departure.
b) the crossing of the Andes Horseback Riding or 6 or more days: the advance payment will 30% of the remainder through bank deposit, 30 days prior to departure.


It will not be refunded any amount for refunds on unused by the passenger, whatever the cause or extent.


a) For rides of 2 to 6 days:
The passengers who communicate the cancellation before twenty (20) days of departure day, we will withhold a 10% of the money, up to ten (10) days before departure date the 20%, up to five (5) days the 30%, 48 hours before departure date: 50%, and if it occurs within 48 hourswe will withhold the total price of the trip.

b) For the program "Crossing of the Andes" by horse or Horseback Riding for 6 or more days:
The passengers who communicate the cancellation before thirty (30) days of departure day we will withhold a 10% of the money, up to fifteen (15) days before departure date 50%, up to five (5) days by 70%, if the same occurs within the last five (5) days prior to departure we will withhold the total price of the trip.


Recreational Activity and Agreement:
Risks taken, waiver and guaranty

Any individual booking a tour with "Trekking Travel" by South Trekking Travel ® EVT Leg 12092 shall understand the characteristics and risks involved in the activities to be conducted. Individuals participating in any adventure tourism-related activity, including all kind of treks, are active people and therefore likely to get hurt unexpectedly. Neither South Trekking Travel ® EVT Leg 12092 nor the guide responsible for the tour will be held liable in case of accidents which might take place during said activities or for injuries or damages to either individuals or goods and/or third parties both due to personal or external reasons, weather conditions, seismic movements, social riots, disease, Acts of God (force majeure) or when because of any of the above the service booked could not be conducted. The operator has the right to change the order of the tour activities or tour circuits. Any individual participating in these activities shall also understand medical help will not be available presently during a part of or the whole tour, since tours take place in areas far from urban centers. Consequently, any individual booking the services of South Trekking Travel ® EVT Leg 12092, waives the right to start any legal or out-of-court action or claim due to the reasons above mentioned. Minors: people under 18 years of age will be able to participate in the activities mentioned only if accompanied by an adult, who will also have to sign this document, understands the risks involved, and will bear the costs involved in case of accident, damage or unexpected events. Note: acceptance of the tour description implies complete fulfillment of the clauses herein.


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